Choosing an outfit? I've got you...

Choosing an outfit to wear to a session is generally the hardest part of your shoot. Most people don't have family shoots very often and so getting it right is imperative and it is the thing that I get the most messages about.

I have a few hints and tips to get you started.

First, comfort is so important. Wear something comfortable but not too casual and not too dressy. If you are uncomfortable that will come through in your photos.

Earth Tones always looks gorgeous. See my colour swatch below for some colour ideas. The neutral tones come through so nicely and the earth tones always sit well in almost all backdrops.

Wear something with sleeves to avoid drawing attention to your arms. Under arm creases can be very unflattering so I strongly recommend sleeves. The only exception for this is children.

Avoid clothing like tracksuit pants and really short shorts and unless this is a formal event, avoid formal wear.

Long shorts or pants work well for men and young boys. Loose fitting pants always look nice and have a more timeless look. Collared shirts also photograph really nicely on men and boys.

Flowey dresses look lovely on young girls. Especially when they have a good twirl on the skirt.

If you are bringing along a toddler please remember a nappy cover if they are going to wear a dress. 

Stick to a similar colour palate but avoid matching outfits. Jeans and white or black shirts are a trend that was really popular recently, but white is awful to photograph and matching outfits is very dated. If you'd like to match maybe think about matching shoes or matching hairstyles.

Avoid bright colours like orange and red. My only exception to this rule is at Christmas time.

If you only take one thing from this blog let it be this - avoid branded clothing or clothing with slogans on the front, especially big slogans. They never photograph well unless you are in an advertising campaign for that brand.

Now let's talk about shoes - Don’t forget to think about your shoes! Apply all these rules to your shoes as well. Comfort, colour, avoid bright colours.

At the end of the day, it is your shoot, so wear something that reflects you as a couple/family.